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About Me....

I have sketched and painted people throughout my life but over the past few years have concentrated on oil portraiture.

Deep intuition around people's nature and sometimes even their life experiences allows me to paint the essence of someone, working from the inside out. We're all made up of layers, which is how I paint. I am non judgemental and always see the best in people. I paint in oils from life, where possible, which is important for the outcome of the painting. You will need to sit for at least three sessions if possible, and during this time I will take many photographs, which can then be used to help the final description. With animal portraits I can paint directly from a clear photograph.

My pricing varies depending on the size of portrait, distance etc but are generally:

Materials, including traditionally hand crafted gesso board: £75 and £125
People : from £500
Animals: from £425
Any hi resolution photographs taken by me are included so free.

Should the portrait not be to your liking, even after any alterations, then you will be charged nothing beyond the materials and I would keep the painting . . .

quote1Sylvie is a painter of people: she has that rare ability to dig deep into their characters and to express that emotion in paint. For Sylvie her paintings do not just portray a likeness but are a personal journey: her characters live. They evolve from the use of many transparent layers of paint, gradually exploring the personality of the sitter. Her ability to transport these emotions into paint with the technical difficulties involved, are outstanding.

Her other work, especially her animal studies, involve the same depth and understanding of the subject.

quote2 - Grahan Sproston, Fellow artist and Teacher
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